Project Description

RWANDA – Fall 2024

Let us introduce you to the jewel of Africa, tucked between a thousand hills. With a welcoming people, epic landscapes, and abundant wildlife,  Rwanda truly is a hidden treasure.  Pristine, safe and progressive, Rwanda is a tourist’s paradise.

In fact, experiencing how Rwanda works makes many visitors want to PUT DOWN ROOTS

Didn’t know about Rwanda? After a few hours, you’ll want to keep Rwanda a secret too!   Many come to visit the incredible mountain gorillas ranging in the volcanoes but there is so much more to experience. Unique biodiversity, sweeping open plains, picturesque lakes and a smooth rolling road system connecting them all is just the scratch on the surface.

Rwandans have worked tirelessly to recover after the traumatic events of the 1994 Genocide Against The Tutsi, and a deep dive here reveals a small country with a continuous commitment to progress and to conservation of both their rich history and their diverse natural habitats.  Kigali has shiny high rises, a state-of-the-art convention center, a 18 hole golf course and is an incubator for tech forward companies like Zipline.  Yet this modern city is just a few hours away from four National parks where 10% of all proceeds go to the surrounding communities.  Partnering with communities helps to protect the wildlife and better the lives of the people surrounding the parks.  Instead of poaching, people become rangers, true guardians of their national treasures.

Arriving into the welcoming hospitality and warm luxury of our boutique hotel, you will immediately feel that commitment to progress and conservation. Salt water pools, solar panels as well as traditional fabrics and locally hand crafted furniture blend together to make  you feel like you’ve truly arrived in the afro-future!