Project Description


Looking for Adventure, Culture and Relaxation? Well this archipelago of epic landscapes, miles of beaches, rich history, music and food, is one of Africa’s Best Kept Secrets!

Cape Verde, called Cabo Verde, imbued with an enchanting mix of African and Portuguese culture, is a paradise unknown to many but once visited, will have you coming back for more.  You’ll encounter pristine beaches, incredible food, distinct music and a people whose national vibe, from start to finish is,


A collection of 10 islands off the coast of Senegal, folks say Cabo Verde is one country with ten destinations! This couldn’t be more true. The islands showcase white sand beaches, black sand beaches, volcanoes, clean diving sites as well as mouth watering restaurants, incredible music and the best part, the most welcoming and hospitable local people. With a history rooted in the Transatlantic slave trade and passing through revolution, independence and arriving into stable democracy, Cabo Verde offers history and culture alongside breathtaking landscapes.

The hardest part about traveling to the archipelago of No Stress, is deciding which islands to visit first.  We’ve done the oh-so-difficult job of making that easy for you by providing an itinerary that captures half of the islands and so much of the beauty, adventure and flavor that awaits with still more to discover for the next time you come.

Cabo Verde is for you if you are excited about any of the following:  boutique hotels, infinity pools, quad tours, diving adventures, trekking, soul touching music, masterful art, colorful architecture, pristine beaches or exquisite fresh food.