Envisioning Black Women Abroad

The Black Women Abroad mission is to positively impact, inspire, empower and enrich women of the African diaspora and their allies through global travel experiences, diverse stories, uniquely crafted items and cross-cultural exchanges.

Our vision, infused by 30 years of working, traveling and living abroad, is to create a dynamic community of people of African descent and their allies that think and act globally.

By offering hand-tailored Voyages, Valuables, Visits and Voluntourism, our community will develop lasting connections, will engage responsibly with local communities, and will support future generations to expand their knowledge, and appreciation of world cultures.

Black Women Abroad started in the 90s as a way to inspire other Black women from the United States to travel outside of their comfort zones, make cross-cultural connections and explore the beauty of the world through global voyages and adventures!

Not many women of color, especially those from the United States, have traveled to over 70 countries, lived and worked in dozens, interacted with global ‘influencers’ as diverse as heads of states, fortune 500 company C-suiters, Heads of UN agencies, University Presidents, sports stars and internationally acclaimed artists, while continuing to pay it forward wherever they go.

Over time, as the founders Johnette Iris and Christa Elise wandered all over the planet, working, creating families, and developing long lasting friendships and bonds, their concept of Black Women Abroad evolved into an opportunity to create a worldwide community as well as businesses for and by women of color from all corners of the globe who love to travel, do business and to live abroad.

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Johnette Iris


An Africa based creative & entrepreneur into amazing visuals, uplifting women and sustainable tech, Johnette has been working, living and traveling extensively on 5 continents since the 80s. A polyglot who loves delicious food, great drinks and serious adventures, whether scuba, skiing, hiking or 4 wheeling, Johnette is undaunted. Her greatest love is bringing folks on the journey to see the world through her eyes.

Christa Elise


Changing the world through education, empowering women and investing in culture, Christa is an Africa based boss-lady who has worked and traveled on 5 continents and currently runs an American university on the African Continent. She is passionate about creating cross-cultural education exchange experiences and loves African art, fashion, and jewelry. She is an expert at highlighting the best any country has to offer and giving back is second nature to her.  Oh, and by the way, Christa Elise’s superpower is making wandering out into the world a welcoming, engaging and hospitable venture.



We work with a majority of women-owned businesses and we are proud to showcase their incredibly diverse and exquisite talents. At the heart of Black Women Abroad are undaunted trailblazers who work hard, play hard and love a VIP experience. But to those who much is given, much is expected so they epitomize the best at what they do and they give back locally and globally.  Most have travelled extensively and are committed to providing the best. Enjoy the voyage!


No request is too big or small for our team.  If it matters to you, it matters to us.  Let us make your voyage perfect.

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Traveling with Black Women Abroad is eye opening! I feel relaxed and I learned so much!


I should have traveled with Black Women Abroad earlier! These are life changing trips!


The Voluntourism and the Valuables are so unique and to know that a portion of the proceeds goes to the community AND to scholarships makes every penny count!

Solo Sister