Project Description


Culinary and Culture lovers will indulge ALL the senses during this deep dive into History, Gastronomy and Oenology.

Portugal is one of our favorite places in Europe due to the charm of it’s cities, the vibrancy of it’s culture and the surprising diversity and warmth of the people.  Let us guide you to the best food, wine, and sites that Portugal has to offer while you learn about how Africa has influenced it’s past and it’s present.  All through Portugal you’ll find the darker the berry,


The iconic and colorful seven hills of Lisbon, or Lisboa in Portuguese, are visible as you fly into the city.  An easy and affordable city full of history, art and mouthwatering cuisine, visitors love walking or taking the yellow and red trams that traverse Lisboa to take it all in.  Visits to museums, churches and monuments are just steps away from our beautiful boutique palace hotel.  Our palace hotel is not the only palace we’ll visit while traveling around this easily navigated country.  We’ll tour former Moorish Castles in the Algarve as well as the historic Palacio da Bolsa in Porto.

Portugal’s history of colonization is well known around the world, but one of the benefits is that is now home to a richly diverse population of people of the African diaspora from the Americas and Africa. Exploring the various communities, their gastronomy and their businesses are a part of the unique flavor of our tours.

We will also highlight the Portuguese gastronomy alongside their incredible wines.  During our visit around the country from Lisboa, to the Algarve to Porto, our in-house sommelier (wine expert) will educate and create pairings for several meals.  From the well known rich red porto wine, named after the region, all the way to crisp flavors of the green vinho verde, everyone will have more than enough wine to pour some libations for the ancestors!