Project Description


Let us help you to make the dream of returning to the Motherland a reality as we introduce you to the rich history, heritage and culture that is Ghana’s legacy.  We will welcome you to sites, scenes and food that remind you of something deeply embedded;


Did you feel that? That’s your spirit leveling to a new vibration as you experience the legendary land of Ghana.  This coastal West African nation is known for it’s incredible natural beauty, ancient and current history, unique cultural ceremonies, traditional kente and African wax print fabric, as well as it’s exciting nightlife and markets.

Arriving into the welcoming hospitality and warm luxury of our boutique hotel, you will immediately understand the feeling of THE RETURN. The Year of Return and Beyond the Return, the movements encouraging the Diaspora to visit the Continent, are uniquely celebrated during this visit to Accra, Cape Coast and Aburi. During visits to Pan African historical sites, shopping in the vibrant west African marketplaces, dining in exquisite local restaurants and experiencing the moving Elmina and Cape Coast Slave Castles, you will discover the intertwined nature of your own history and the culture of Ghana.

Whether your goal is soaking in the sun, breathing in the smell of delicious local dishes or immersing yourself in the cultural history, Ghana has something for everyone.

You Will FEEL the Return!